Because You Are Alive...

Because You Are Alive...

(Photo by Marc Boswell)

“The thing is, my suffering was real.

And the suffering of the world was real, too.

Those kids I made reports on, and the stories of discrimination and hate I heard while working in LGBTQ advocacy.

I didn’t and don’t have an answer for it.

Just like the writer of Lamentations, I was stuck in my grief, and the grief was warranted, and the answers weren’t and aren’t clear.”

(By Alexis Stratton)

Therapy is My Church

Therapy is My Church

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“As a therapist, I believe my commission is to close the distance between myself and those who have been wounded – which is no different than how I understand the Christian commission.  As a therapist, I believe that my job is to listen well and ask good questions – which is no different than I understand how to be in relationship with anyone, client or otherwise.   When I find myself rejecting others (clients, friends, family members, politicians, people on Twitter), I try my best to understand what is being triggered in me and find a way to avoid treating them as an ‘other.’ “

(Dr. Devlyn McCreight)



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“What I can do is bear witness to the impact that [Thich Nhat Hahn], his writings, his teachings, and his life had on me and, I suspect, other Western Christians. And while I have no idea if this was his intention…I can state, unambiguously, that his Buddhism made me a better Christian, a truth that I’d like to offer a few words to explain.”

(By Rev. Dr. James McLeod, Jr.)