All photography provided by Marc Boswell unless otherwise noted.

What We Do:

We're a collective of progressive spiritual writers and theologians working in the South.

Our Mission

The South continues to hold a mythic, troubled, and influential place within the narrative of American religion, politics, and culture.  Too often, the progressive voices of people of faith are not heard in such a way as to challenge the dominant myths that prevail about this region. While conservative expressions of faith are certainly abundant, there are also progressive faith leaders who work tirelessly on the front lines of racial, sexual, gender, and class oppression.

Our goal is to share and amplify those progressive theological and spiritual reflections on matters related to faith and national public life. We are a collective of progressive religious leaders, theologians, activists, elected officials, artists, and non-profit directors. Join us in our desire to spread a good, relevant word to our current social climate. 

Deep religious and moral values have been the backbone of every great progressive movement; prophetic imagination must come before we see political implementation.
— Rev. William J. Barber II

What Brings us Together

Our collective is built by people from a variety of backgrounds and traditions. Therefore, we will have different views on various matters and we do not seek a uniformity in thought on all matters. Nevertheless, we affirm together the following values based on our different faith commitments:

  • We seek the full flourishing of all people

  • We seek to challenge discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religious identity, gender identity, immigration status, country of origin, physical abilities, or financial means

  • We seek to raise our voices, actions, and the voices of those who are committed to living with depth, substance, and self-reflection in our world